Compumatrix was established in November 2006 as a global, multinational, web technologies Company.

Managed by Compumatrix and Networks International, Inc. and based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, Compumatrix is
dedicated to enhance all aspects of the lives of ordinary individuals through social media monetization and online advertising as
awell as information and financial technologies.

Compumatrix provides knowledge and business process outsourcing services; promoting home-based employment in areas such as
software development, website development and management, online electronic content distribution, database activities, live
support and helpdesk management, online advertising and listings, and other profit-generating enterprises.

Compumatrix offers its members a Wordpress Blog and a Social Network that allows them to earn through the company's Revenue
Sharing Program; as well as a Portal for the distribution of Virtual Prepaid Cards.

The Compumatrix Portal is a self-managed online platform, which can be utilized by members of Compumatrix to stimulate growth
on their savings: Affording ordinary individuals the ability to earn an excellent online income.